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    Welcome to Dallas Endermologie. Our main focus is on cellulite and body sculpting treatments, but we also offer spa packages, facials, waxing and manicures. The main cellulite treatments are Lipo-massage or Endermologie.

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  • What is Endermologie?

    Endermologie, often called endermology, is a cellulite treatment that involves massaging, rolling and sucking at the skin surface to stimulate the break up of stubborn deposits of cellulite.

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  • Our Services

    Dallas Endermologie offer a range of services for men - facials, hand & nail treatments, eyebrow tidy for the mono-brow and grandpa hairs that leave a musculine groomed appearance. Waxing backs, chest, legs or any other part.

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From your facial to Body Wraps Dallas Endermologie has High Tech Equipment.

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How does Endermologie Work?

The combined action of the motorized roller and aspiration effectively folds and unfolds the skin for intensive tissue rejuvenation.This safely and efficiently revitalizes lymphatic and venous exchanges. Endermologie gently penetrates each skin layer, smoothing and shaping curves, while the uplifting, relaxing pulsation exercises skin; toning and tightening for a whole body transformation.



Dallas Endermologie

2806 N Fitzhugh Ave Ste 100 Dallas TX 75204

´´we are located next door to CPR Cell Phone Repair´´

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Clients Testimonials

Today was my first treatment. The precedure itself went quick, only about 10-15 min. It is somewhat painful, but definitely tolerable.
It's 3 hours later, I'm fine, no pain and my skin feels smooth. ”

Jenifer Smith, Dallas, TX